Consulting services for the SME sector

Established as a tax consulting firm over 75 years ago in Dortmund, we serve – now as an inter-professional partnership – medium-sized companies of all legal forms, as well as their owners, shareholders and managing directors. We also offer professional advice to freelancers and affluent individuals. While the core of our expertise has always been tax consultancy, it has long since extended far beyond this. We are committed to providing our clients with a comprehensive range of advisory services in the areas of tax, law and business management. In doing so, we focus on four core services:

Tax advice

German tax law is highly complex. In many cases, complying with the complicated requirements of tax law or social security law ties up considerable capacities in the company, which are then lacking for your core business. We take care of all your financial and payroll accounting and prepare your profit calculation in the form of an income statement or annual financial statements, as well as all tax returns.


Drawing on our many years of practical experience, we support you in remaining focused on tax law. This includes acting in accordance with the law as well as optimizing your taxes in the long term and enforcing your rights without any ifs and buts.

Legal advice

In addition to providing legal advice on tax law, we also advise our clients on all related legal issues as part of our comprehensive advisory approach. For example, with the drafting of all articles of association and company agreements when establishing or restructuring a company. This also applies to succession planning and the drafting of wills as well as all types of civil law contracts and debt collection for your receivables.

We also offer comprehensive advice on criminal tax law, e.g. in connection with filing a voluntary declaration, and will take over your defense if necessary.


Auditing is no longer simply a matter of "ticking boxes". Growing demands on accounting, risk management and transparency mean that the annual audit is more than just an inspection and determination of the correctness of your annual financial statements. Meaningful company figures provide the basis for properly informing the bodies of your company and its lenders and for identifying risks in the company. And thus to minimize them. In addition to auditing annual financial statements or consolidated financial statements, special audits of various kinds, such as due diligence audits, restructuring audits and IT audits, round off our range of services.

Business management advice

As tax advisors, we always have an eye on what is happening in your company based on your accounting. Current figures alert us to opportunities and problems. Our expertise and resources enable us to gain new insights into controlling and to develop actionable recommendations for improving your company's liquidity and earnings situation.


Sophisticated advisory services in other areas, such as business valuation and tax compliance, digitalization and data protection, essential topics of the 21st century, complete our range of business advisory services.