Legal advice

We advise our clients in the field of tax law, as well as in all tax-related matters concerning civil, commercial or criminal law. This includes, for example, choosing the ideal legal form when founding a company, its articles of association, and the employment contracts of the executive management and for the employees. The legally compliant preparation of references when employees leave the company. The formulation of royalty regulations. The creation of general terms and conditions. Company agreements for the establishment of subsidiaries. Agreements on the conversion of companies to optimize the legal form. Contracts for transferring the company to the next generation in order to secure the future viability of the company. Drawing up health care powers of attorney and living wills. Advice on the implementation of a legally sound compliance system. And much more.

We always bear the tax implications in mind during these consultations. This benefits the long-term success of your business. In the event of special legal questions or if a notary is required, you will have the benefit of our extensive and exquisite network of colleagues.

Some examples of our range of services:

Choice of legal form and change of legal form

The question of the appropriate legal form arises with every company formation. The range of legal options has recently expanded. Foreign corporate forms such as the English "limited" company or the entrepreneurial company (Unternehmergesellschaft) and the so-called "mini-GmbH", have emerged as alternatives.


It may become necessary to change the originally chosen legal form again for tax or strategic reasons. We provide advice on concepts and contractual arrangements.


Articles of association

It is always necessary to draw up the articles of association when setting up a company with others. We can prepare a legally secure contract for you, which our notary partners will be happy to notarize, if this is required.


Company acquisition and succession

If you wish to sell your business or buy another company, we can provide legal support for this transaction. An essential aspect of this is the legally secure formulation of the purchase contract.

 In the event of a gratuitous or partially gratuitous transfer, e.g. through anticipated succession to the next generation, we generally arrange the succession of the business in a completely or largely tax-free manner and make sure that the contractual basis is sound.


Tax litigation and criminal tax defense

We aren't looking for a fight. Most conflicts can be resolved through proper communication with the tax authorities. But in cases where it cannot be avoided, we do not shy away from going to the tax court to firmly defend your rights. We are also available to assist you in criminal tax law and advise you on filing a voluntary declaration or take over your defense.