Tax advice

German tax law is one of the most complicated in the world. The legal situation changes almost daily due to new laws, administrative directives and rulings. The major simplifications in taxation that politicians have repeatedly announced are still a long time coming. We use our many years of practical experience to help you always stay on top of tax law and act in compliance with the law – also in the area of international tax law (e.g. for domestic subsidiaries of foreign clients). This allows you to concentrate fully on your core business. As an institution for the administration of tax justice, we are an essential player in the taxation process alongside the tax office. This ensures that your rights are fully protected. A few examples:


Profit determination and tax returns

Our seasoned experts ensure that your company complies with all tax-related obligations regarding profit determination, declaration, recording, storage and documentation, and that you do not have to pay more tax than is legally owed. This covers everything from the establishment of your company, in the course of which we take care of, for example, your business plan, bank discussions or your business opening questionnaire together with your tax number and your VAT identification number, right through to the liquidation of your company, in which we prepare the liquidation balance sheets for your company and assist with the dissolution of your company. We use modern DATEV software for this.

The same applies to you as a private person. Our many years of close cooperation with the tax offices in the regions of Westphalia-Lippe, Rhine-Ruhr and beyond will be of great benefit to you. We closely examine your tax assessment notices: according to statistical surveys, up to 50% of all tax assessment notices are in need of correction. We see to it that the correction is made quickly and that your tax refund is credited to your bank account in no time at all.


Tax audit, collection procedure and appeal procedure

At some point in time, every company is affected by a company audit, wage tax audit or social security audit. This is our day-to-day business: we support you in the preparation and smooth execution of the audit, which we are happy to hold on our premises. We have the necessary space available.

We can also support you if the tax office overshoots the mark during the tax collection procedure. Our many years of experience and our good contacts with the tax authorities enable us to respond quickly and efficiently if, for example, you are served with an unlawful enforcement notice or an inexplicable liability notice. When there is no other way, we will not hesitate to defend your interests firmly against the tax authorities, e.g. in objection proceedings or at the tax court.


Tax structuring

We aim to keep your overall business tax burden as low as possible within the limits of the law. We know the best methods for you to legally save on taxes. But it is also important to note that our specialized knowledge allows us to think outside the box. Criminal sanctions for tax evasion have been steadily tightened over the last ten years. Our goal is not to open up avenues to illicit "tax loopholes" or "tax havens". We are concerned with your best interests and pursue tax-favorable, but legally justifiable and thus safe paths, so that you can sleep soundly without having to fear an uninvited visit early in the morning.


Financial and payroll accounting

One of the fundamental factors for the commercial success of a company is a well-managed and timely accounting system. We provide our commercial and freelance clients with fast, competent and uncomplicated financial accounting services, including account assignment, electronic data processing, advance VAT declarations, business evaluations and analyses. If desired, we can also incorporate your financial accounting into DATEV Enterprise Online. All documents are stored digitally on the Internet using the highest IT standards and are automatically stored in an audit-proof manner. This allows communication between the tax advisor and the client to be expedited and the accounts to be prepared in a more timely manner. This creates synergies in the management of the company, for instance in the form of a noticeable increase in efficiency in receivables management.

In the area of payroll accounting, we put all our experience to work for you: Are you familiar with pseudo-self-employment or quasi-self-employment, marginal employment or employment in the transition zone, bad weather or short-time working allowances, minimum wage, severance pay regulations, special regulations under collective agreements, maternity allowances, fuel vouchers, recreation allowances and travel allowances? We can advise you. Our specialized and highly experienced payroll department will take care of your human resources and will be your reliable partner in all matters relating to human resources, including employment contracts and other labor law issues.