German commercial law sets out very comprehensive regulations in the area of accounting. Most companies therefore have to invest a lot of time and money in their accounting and reporting systems. These requirements are usually a bureaucratic burden for our clients, locking up valuable capacities for their own business processes. Many clients are aware of this and have therefore transferred these business processes to our specialists, either completely or partially. Accounting, including the audit business, is our core business.  We usually cooperate with our cooperation partner, BSH Revision GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft, to conduct audits of annual financial statements, consolidated financial statements and special audits.


Annual financial statement audit

Under the German Commercial Code (HGB), all medium-sized and large corporations are required to have their annual financial statements audited by an auditor or certified public accountant. We carry out these legally required audits, as well as voluntary audits of annual financial statements in accordance with the German Commercial Code (HGB) and IAS/IFRS, quickly and efficiently for your company thanks to our experience.


Consolidated financial statements

We also conduct and assist in the statutory audit of your company's consolidated financial statements. The audit of the consolidated financial statements must include an assessment of whether the statutory provisions and the provisions of the Articles of Association of the parent company concerning the preparation of the consolidated financial statements have been observed. The group management report must be audited to determine whether it is consistent with the consolidated financial statements and whether the details in the group management report give a true and fair view of the group's position. The auditor of the consolidated financial statements is required to audit the annual financial statements of the group companies summarized in the consolidated financial statements in order to ascertain whether they comply with the principles of proper accounting and whether the regulations applicable to their inclusion in the consolidated financial statements have been observed.


Special audits

A large number of transactions under corporate law require audits by an auditor. This includes audits of company formations, mergers, changes of legal form or other forms of transformation as well as capital increases, amongst other things. There are also many other legally prescribed or voluntary audit scenarios. We offer the full range of auditing services, from restructuring audits to audits in accordance with the German Real Estate Agents and Property Developers Ordinance (Makler- und Bauträgerverordnung), audits in accordance with the German Budgetary Principles Act (Haushaltsgrundsätzgesetz) and CISA-certified IT audits.


Due Dilligence

Due diligence audits are particularly important in auditing. If you are looking to sell your business or grow it by, for example, acquiring another business, an in-depth business analysis is necessary. All company data is made available in what is known as a data room and a careful analysis of all relevant company data and contracts is made possible or carried out, depending on the objective. We are specialists in this area and make sure that you receive the best possible support in your negotiations.