Business management advice

We also provide advice on business management issues to many clients whose accounts we prepare or whose annual financial statements we audit. This comes naturally, as we have a detailed, in-depth understanding of our clients' cost structures and financial ratios. We are happy to advise you! Your company benefits directly from our business management advice: Our services include, for instance, analysis and optimization concepts derived from the figures. This enables us to develop concrete, implementable concepts for improving your liquidity and profitability, for example through financial planning with key figure analysis or through benchmarking. And with that, or for example through effective support of your dunning process, generate real but affordable added value for your company. We help make you aware of opportunities and risks early on and thus strengthen the competitive edge of your company.


Balance sheet and cost analyses

We analyses your annual financial statements in the same way as your commercial bank typically does in its rating process. This way you can prepare yourself in a targeted manner. We have access to detailed industry figures with which you can compare your company (benchmarking).

Our monthly business management reports (BWA) provide a sound basis for analyzing the development of your cost structures.


Procedural documentation and tax compliance

We assist you in introducing a Tax Compliance Management System (Tax-CMS) and procedural documentation. The term tax compliance refers to strategically intended, organizationally established, verifiable structures in the company that help to ensure compliance with the company's tax obligations. Work processes and matters relevant to taxation are identified and the way they are handled in the company is made conscious and defined. With these types of systems, the business owner takes an offensive stance towards the tax authorities and makes it clear that – structurally – everything necessary has been done to prevent non-compliance with tax obligations. This makes a significant contribution to minimizing criminal tax law and liability risks and may preclude the possibility of intent, should a mistake be made in the tax declaration.

When establishing a Tax-CMS, we work with you to create an organizational structure that ensures appropriate handling of tax-related issues in your company. Proper organization and documentation provides protection against a disorderly mess in the company and builds trust with the tax office – including in tax audits. Don't worry: you retain all the permissible tax structuring options under national and international tax law even if you set up an effective Tax-CMS.

Tax compliance begins with accounting: Companies that meet accounting, record-keeping and storage obligations in electronic form must comply with the GOBD (principles of proper accounting and retention of books, records and documents in electronic form and for data access). You must keep procedural documentation for this purpose. This is to document your timely, complete, orderly and accurate accounting. We are also happy to assist you in preparing procedural documentation.


Business planning

If you require capital for your start-up or growth investment, we can support you in the preparation of a business plan, which is usually expected in investor circles.


Business valuation

Be it in the context of a company purchase or sale, a company transfer by way of anticipated succession or a company transformation: company valuations may be required in a wide variety of situations, for tax or corporate law purposes. When a company or a share in a company or a professional practice is transferred against payment, we employ complex valuation procedures – if necessary by means of auditor's reports — to determine the value of the company from the seller's or buyer's perspective and thus an appropriate purchase price. And, where possible, bringing together the ideas of those involved. We base this on the IDW S1 standard developed by the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany (Institut der Wirtschaftsprüfer) and other recognized valuation methods. In the case of gifts or inheritance, we can use sophisticated valuation methods to refute excessive taxation estimates by the tax authorities. For company transformations, such as mergers and de-mergers, we determine exchange ratios for the shareholders involved by means of valuation reports.